Why You Should Avoid Using Escort Agencies Online

The internet is a funny place. You’ll find everything you ever imagined to be available on the internet in some way or the other. Finding quick sex is also one of the things you can do on the internet. We now have applications like Tinder and several other adult dating websites that have millions of young horny men and women willing to have sex with you on a short notice.

But as all good things, the internet has also dark corners where everything wrong is openly done and if you are caught, you would be in a lot of trouble. So if you are an innocent guy looking to have sex tonight and you heard about someone called backpage for escorts, we want you to stay as far away as you can from it.

Avoiding Sites Like Backpage When Looking for “Dates”

You may have heard that backpage is a great place to find paid sex, but have you ever heard how many people have ended up in jail just because they decided to look for sex on backpage? This site has so many legal issues and authorities after it that if you are caught taking their services, even you can get involved.

Backpage has been criticized to be working with the wrong people such as human traffickers and sex traffickers as well as people who use minors to sell sex. The site has seen many ads openly posted by these dubious services and backpage has never done anything to remove them.

In many instances, people were able to call and invite a minor over for sex without even knowing who they were dealing with. You see backpage does not have any criteria for ads and anyone can just come on the site and post an ad. So many of the sex ads on the site’s adult section have ads that show picture of women but never mention their age. So without knowing, you could easily end up calling a minor up.

Another one to avoid is Plenty of Hoes.  Just read this review on the Dating Cop and you’ll laugh pretty hard!

Another big reason why you should stay away from backpage for escorts is due to heavy amounts of fake and spam ads. These ads are there to have you click on an external link which takes you to an escort service outside of backpage. Everything on the site is listed in such professional way that you are easily convinced of it as a real thing.

But in reality, most of these services just have bait sites uploaded where they make a fool out of people. You are asked to pay upfront for a sexy and beautiful woman on the site before you can invite her over for sex. As it turns out, when you pay the money, there are no girls sent to your place and your money is lost forever. Sooner or later these sites are caught and shut down but the people end up making newer ones and the cycle continues.

In short, backpage is a troublesome place now a days and you should definitely stick to adult dating websites for sex.

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