Bagel Guy Goes on Tirade over Dating Apps

A bagel shop on long island witnessed a bizarre scene when an angry customer walked in speaking angerly about dating sites and women and how he was being rejected because of his short stature.

All of this was caught on video which was posted on Twitter on Wednesday and instantly became a hit on the internet.

The video started with the man arguing and screaming saying why it was ok for women to feel awkward when they find out about his 5 feet height.

“Why is it OK for women to say, ‘Oh you’re 5 feet’ on dating sites — you should be dead. That’s OK?”

The 45-second clip further showed the unidentified customer on the store’s Bay Shore location lash out at female customers who were in the line to get their morning bagel. He was later tackled by another customer who was larger and stronger.

“Everywhere I go I get the same f–king smirk with the biting lip,” he shouted.

The staff of the Bagel Boss store told the press that the man wasn’t a regular at the store and he walked up around 9 am in the morning screaming about women and dating sites.

“This is crazy but the man was very upset he was short; he went off on the women about dating sites,” said Patty, the manager of the store at the time of the event.

The manager revealed that the bizarre scene started when one of the female staff of the store was serving the man when suddenly a woman looked at him and smiled. From there on it triggered something in the man.

The whole escapade was summed up on the comedic site “The Nut Job.”

“He just went totally nuts. He said ‘why are you smiling at me?’” she said. “He started saying it’s because I’m short and nobody wants me.”

Everything was caught on camera by another customer who identified herself as Diana Rayes. She and her three pals were waiting in the line to get their order when they heard this guy being rude to a female staff of the store.

“My friend was like ‘She’s just trying to do her job, leave her alone,’”, Rayes couldn’t hold back and tell the guy to back off.

But instead of listening to Rayes, it triggered a sudden release of rage from the short man and he started hurling misogynistic comments to all the customers in the line. It got really bad from thereon.

“It was insane. I personally never have heard anyone say that but to be there in person, it’s insane to see that someone has that mental process,”

From the video, you can hear another man letting his presence felt by telling the angry customer to calm down and just get your bagel and go away. But even this didn’t help the angry customer stop hurling harsh comments at others. He lashed out at the man who tried to stop him.

“Shut your mouth. You are not God or my father or my boss,”. By now the customer who asked the man to calm down couldn’t take this anymore and asked the guy to step outside the shop. But things escalated so fast that no one could guess what would happen next as the customer lurched at the short guy and took him down.

While the two men brawled within the shop, other customers were distressed and a woman can be heard saying that she only wanted some bagels.

But thankfully for the efforts, the scene finally came to a halt and the Bagel Boss employees termed the lurching customer the hero of the day. The manager said that if the guy didn’t tackle the angry man, this could have turned worse.

And the worst part is that the angry customer didn’t even pay for his order which was a whole wheat bagel with one egg white and Swiss Cheese.

The scene was later investigated by the Suffolk County police and they were there at around 9:20 am. Thankfully, no injuries were reported and neither were any charges filed by the authorities.

The video of the weird encounter later made it to other social media channels and quickly went viral. On Twitter alone, it received around 10,000+ retweets, some of which were by celebrities such as Chrissy Teigen.

The model asked whether this was a regular thing at the Bagel Boss because she wanted to witness such a fight with her own eyes. She further said that this was the kind of thing that would actually drag her out of her house.

Thankfully the whole scene came to an end quickly and later on became source material for several memes on the internet. Even today the customer is now regarded as the angry bagel guy who hated women and dating websites.

Talking about the scene, dating experts say that the height of a member doesn’t necessarily mean instant rejection on dating sites. It is more about how you communicate with the members than your physical features.

Dating experts believe that if you educate yourself with tried and tested techniques to find dates on the internet, you won’t ever have to worry about such situations where women reject you based on your physical appearance.

It all begins with a well-written profile. Your profile is your ultimate weapon on the adult dating website since this is the place where most of your information is available to other members. Have good display pictures on the profile and market yourself as someone unique who has more to offer in person.

Sure, in the dating world, people with the looks get the bigger slice of pie. But even with good looks, you need a lot of other skills to actually impress a woman. Believe it or not, women are as hard to impress on dating sites as they are in the real world. It just requires you to be clever rather than good looking.

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